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Masters Of Art was a group I was involved with in Washington D.C. We assembled and curated themed group shows on a monthly basis at various art spaces and galleries.

Masters Of Art #5
masters of art show flier

Masters Of Art #6

Masters at Play. Generate ideas collaboratively, explore them individually and have a show. A very good show. Create. Produce. Provide.

March 12
Opening Reception: Friday March 12 7:30 -12am
District of Columbia Arts Center
2438 18th st., NW DC (202)462-7833

Masters Of Art #7

Opening May 1st, 1999 - 6pm
1054 31st street, NW, Washington D.C. - 202)342-6230

A few pictures from the opening. Click to enlarge.

Treiops' piece: "Spring Mother"

Amanda's "Giant Worm"

Matt Cutler's piece

Eric Jackson!