Treiops Treyfid Discography
Treiops Solo - Triptic of a Pastel Fern - Pitchblende - Macitajs on Acid - Rake

Treiops Treyfid Solo

Treiops Treyfid - Feelings Of Unreality - CD
Postfact PFR05 - 2005
songs: No One Is Taking A Chance, What Can I Do But Continue?, Where's My Everything?, Y.M.F.O., Time In Between, Her Stories Wrote Themselves, Rolling Blackout, Sex Differences, The Highlight Of Our Trip, Ute I Solen, Enoch 6

Treiops Treyfid - 15 People-Pleasing Hits - CDR
Self-release - 2002
songs: Hand Full of Babylon, Worry Machine, Stolen Face, Before Color Code, Instrumental, Mirror's Fractal Eye, >Water is the Body, Waves I'm Watching, Magnet Power, Memory, Yule, Weapons, Multimedia, Powder Horn, Enoch 6

Treiops Treyfid - Keep Left - Various Artists Compilation CD
AceFu 010 - 2000
songs: Powder Horn

Treiops Treyfid - REACH THE EXPLOSION! - CD
DeepReverb 010 - 1998
songs: Feel Victory, Sonic Boom, Bank Clock Controlled the Weather, I Have Learned, Chemical Wheel, Go For The Omni, Don't Be Randy, Remote View, Magnet Power, Grown-up Pharaohs, Goat In The Ether

Treiops Treyfid - All Water - 7"
Coolidge Records 029 - 1997?
songs: Waves I'm Watching, Water is the Body

Treiops Treyfid - Worry Machine - 7"
vhfrecords 024 - 1996?
songs: Worry Machine, Stolen Face, Before Color Code

Treiops Treyfid w/Halogen - Handful of Babylon - 7"
Kilogram Denial 001 - 1995?
songs: Hand Full of Babylon

Hand Full of Babylon - 7" Worry Machine - 7" All Water - 7" REACH THE EXPLOSION! - CD Keep Left - CD 15 People-Pleasing Hits - CDR

Feelings of Unreality - CD

Triptic Of A Pastel Fern

Triptic of a Pastel Fern - The Dual Base Conundrum - CDR
Poison Plant Music - 2002
songs: Intro to Bulgares, Bulgares, The Dual Base Conundrum, G Rhytm, 9-corded Rods, What If There Was a Way

Triptic of a Pastel Fern - Loud Thud 98' Sampler - CDR
Loud Thud - 1998
songs: Sexy Spectres Out Of Space

Triptic of a Pastel Fern - Louder Than a Star Exploding - CD
Poison Plant Music - 1992?
songs: ..., Shocking Reality, Installment, Dynadialadream, I'm Not Home Right Now, Expectant Cacophony, They Mock Charlie, ... (part 2), Proud Willow Myth, Triptych 3, You Cut Me, Hardboard Manifesto, Loathsome Emerald, Magnetized Body, Lookout Bunyun!, Advertisement

Triptic of a Pastel Fern - Art of Rocketry - CD COMP
Supernova - 1993?
songs: Juices For the Masses

Triptic of a Pastel Fern - Star Versus Cube - LP
Poison Plant Music - 1991
songs: 15 Statements of the Fern, Frosty, Gesticulative Manipulation, Incline, Transformation Poem, Stars All Falling

Triptic of a Pastel Fern - Abstruseplexia - CS
Poison Plant Music - 1990?
songs: 5 x Life, 8 Noises, Barbie Love Boat, Islands of Kibble, Lets (part 2), Smootchaplexia, Smyrnius, More Area Less Power, Kristen's Cacophony (part 1), The Recording, Kristen's Cacophony (part 2), Preachers Are We, N Song, Firestone Heart, Big Frey, Untitled, Lets (part 1), Lo, The Controversial Stupidity Experiment, Through Crawling Waves

Triptic of a Pastel Fern - Fisty Stealth - CS
Poison Plant Music - 1989?
songs: Small Dog Hoy!, Triptych 2, Pleas, Door to Density, Identityless, Fisty Classic, Cassandra Sings, Warm Sublimatus, Livingly Harsh, Random Chords, Fisty Opera

Triptic of a Pastel Fern - Despite Transience - CS
Poison Plant Music - 1989?
songs: Otherness Fiver, Smash-ed Moppy, Gut of the Get, The Incessant Piping, Harsh Surreality

Triptic of a Pastel Fern - The Crushing Evanescence - CS
Poison Plant Music - 1988?
songs: Explicit, Triptych, You are Red, Gem Medley, A Question, Pulsating Blodgett, A razor Serves, Earliest Memory, Angles Rise, Shiny Things, Dey Set Nu Ah Nu Set, Dragged Through Clutter 2, Panty Dream Clegg, S.A.D.

Triptic of a Pastel Fern - 2nd Jefferson Blythe - CS
Poison Plant Music - 1988?
songs: Emphasis Crelm, Alpha Nightclub, Warring, An Popular Aberration, Prelude to a Buzz, A Buzz, Surrounded by Shiners, Nifty, Slower than Sound, F Boat Bill (with the assumed concent of Grady Turner), Script for A. Bourgeois, Two Classical Jefferson Cupids Hanging From 100..99..98.., Semi-Infinite Improv. II, Dragged up Mounds, Andrew's Drums, Big Nine, Jellybean in the Pocket (by John Stoner)

Triptic of a Pastel Fern - Quill the Slay Top - CS
Poison Plant Music - 1987?
songs: Scary Lauryl (Growing Under Skin, Birth Dance, Lauryl Sirens, Lauryl Starlight), Dragged Through Clutter, Landis Pure 1, Standard 1, Middle, Standard 2, Fast, Bottom Stair, It's 10am, Goals, Hole Full of Spiders, Fettish Coma, Semi Infinite Improvisation with David Aub, Planet Prayfarb, Reams, Devout First Person

Quill the Slay Top - CS 2nd Jefferson Blythe - CS The Crushing Evanescence - CS Despite Transience - CS Fisty Stealth - CS Abstruseplexia - CS

Star Versus Cube - LP Art of Rocketry - CD Louder Than a Star Exploding - CD Loud Thud 98' Sampler - CDR The Dual Base Conundrum - CDR


Pitchblende - First Five Years - Various Artists CD
Jade Tree
songs: Ursa Minor, The Weed Slam, Ask Rexella

Pitchblende - WGNS Comp - Various Artists CD
songs: Sideling Hill

Pitchblende - Simple Machines Working Holiday - Various Artists CD
Simple Machines
songs: Penny For The Guy, Flax (Live)

Pitchblende - GYGAX! - CD
songs: Squeezin's From The Mole Jug, The New Decadence, Burning Man, Pertaining to the Champ, Kevorkian, Mercator Projection, Crums of Affection, Sideling Hill, Romanesque But-tox

Pitchblende w/Eggs - Windshield Kiss - 7"
JADE TREE - JT-16 - 1994
songs: Windshield Kiss

Pitchblende - Nine-Volt/Karoshi - 7"
PUSHEAD FAN CLUB (signed run of 400) - PUS-400679? - 1994
songs: Nine Volt, Karoshi

Pitchblende - Au Jus - CD/CS
CARGO/FISTPUPPET - Fist-22 - 1994
songs: Nine Volt, Your Own Arturo, Karoshi, Cupcake Jones, Tourniquet, X's For I's, Human Lie Detector, Showroom, Short Term, Psychic Power Control

Pitchblende - Psychic Power Control/In the Flat Field - 7"
CARGO/FISTPUPPET - Fist-15 - 1994
songs: Psychic Power Control, In The Flat Field

Pitchblende w/Swirlies - Working Holiday - 7"
songs: Penny For The Guy

Pitchblende - Chairman of the Board - Various Artists Frank Sinatra tribute CD2
DUTCH EAST - GROW1212-2 - 1993
songs: Here's to the Losers

Pitchblende - Complusive for 2 - Various Artists 7"
songs: Drop In The Big Drink

Pitchblende - Kill Atom Smasher - CD/LP
CARGO/FISTPUPPET - Fist-012 - 1993
songs: Redcap, Cyclorama, Flax, Saed Off City, Visceral Plane, The Brodtman Tapes, Discoskull, Shepherdess, Indian Ilk, Reticence, Wet Twizzler, Pilot Light, Sum, Lacquer Box, M.Lodge

Pitchblende - The Weed Slam EP - 7"
JADE TREE - JT-1008 - 1992
songs: Ursa Minor, The Weed Slam, Ask Rexella

Pitchblende - Sum/Lacquer Box - 7"
LANDSPEED - LS-001 - 1992
songs: Sum, Lacquer Box

Sum/Lacquer Box - 7" The Weed Slam EP - 7" Kill Atom Smasher - CD/LP Complusive for 2 - 7" Chairman of the Board - CD2 Working Holiday - 7"

Psychic Power Control/In the Flat Field - 7" Au Jus - CD/CS Pushead - 7" Windshield Kiss - 7" GYGAX! - CD Working Holiday - CD

WGNS Comp First Five Years - CD

Macitajs On Acid

Macitajs On Acid - Friki Diki: The Enrique Tapes - CD
Tornis - 2001
songs: Milesu, Sokolade, Plaksters, Nu Tatu, Another Mans Suz

Macitajs On Acid w/Kavune - Rock Bridge - CD
Box Theory - 1998?
songs: Laima, Zibens un Perkons, Milesu, Soklade, Dusa un Vana

Rock Bridge - CD Friki Diki - CD


Rake - Fighting 2 Quarters And A Nickel - Dbl CDR
vhfrecords 033
songs: I wasn't THAT bombed

Fighting 2 Quarters And A Nickel - Dbl CDR