musicnew This section promotes the musical activities of Treiops Treyfid. There are many MP3 files available for download in this section.

  • I haven't done any solo music in awhile, really, since around 2009. The only music I'm doing now is for my comedy channel Cold Sluts On Fire. click here to see if you can figure out which songs and soundtracks I've written.

  • The very old Treiops Treyfid album CREATURE OF THE UNIVERSE is still available! 52 spaced-out minutes of visionary, progressive, new wave, art rock, electro clash, outsider music. It's FREE to th' public! Pay no more than $0 for this fantastic album. Just click here to download.

  • See the very old music video for Are You Human? by Technostress. It is in promotion of our self-titled digital release from many years ago.

  • Also, many FREE cool tunes are available in Treyfid's Soundformation Highway. It is loaded with songs from Technostress, my solo work, The Economic, Pitchblende, Macitajs On Acid, and Triptic Of A Pastel Fern. However, most of the links are broken. Oh well!

See the music video for the song JULE! which appears on the Treiops Treyfid album Creature of the Universe.

The video displays bizarre puppets having dirty depraved sex. Who doesn't love that? If Jerry Fallwell were alive today he'd certainly be rolling over in his grave. So disgusted would he be!

The puppets were designed by Treiops and operated by TT & Adele Satori. The video was shot and edited by Dave De Anda.

Are You Human?
From the self-titled EP release.

Video directed, shot and edited by Brad Cooper. Puppets built by TT. Adele Satori & TT were the puppeteers. Dave DeAnda crew.

All the music available on this site gathered together in one massive depot. Treyfid's Soundformation Highway includes songs in the exciting, MP3 format!

C'mon in and see the diverse assortment of music projects Treiops has taken part in. Collect them all!

Treiops, along with friend Jack Hurwitz and Todd Fletcher ran a cassette culture electronic music label for a few years called Poison Plant Music. Enter to see advertisements published, a list of releases, and some scanned art.

E.L.F. Sound
Treiops has a fair amount of audio equipment and has recorded, sequenced, and "produced" various band's music under the E.L.F. Sound studio name. A partial list of these recordings is now available.

Treyfid Music Reviews
Many people have reviewed Treiops' musical releases for magazines, webzines, and the like. Read what they said about the "Treyfid Sound".

Music Links

Treiops' art punk, prog group.

Triptic Of A Pastel Fern
Treiops' electronic, psychedelic, experimental ensemble.

Mellow robotics. Great electronic outfits like Primitive Machines and Brain Garden.