Pitchblende items for sale
We still have available a few of our 2nd album, "AuJus". We also have a couple singles still available. If you are interested in any of these items email about price/availability.. Also, a limited number of Pushead singles are sometimes available,

AuJus - CD
Pitchblende's 2nd album. Features, "Ninevolt", "Karoshi", "Psychic Power Control".
Working Holiday - 7"
Simple Machines Working Holiday series single featuring the pitchblende song, "Penny For the Guy". "B-side" is the Swirlies and their song, "Trudy".
pitchblende/Eggs - 7"
This Jade Tree single features the pitchblende song, "Windshield Kiss". Eggs on the other side with, "Song with Contemporary Influences".

Sorry, we're sold out of Lix Chef and Lix Fez right now. We've had trouble with the resupply after the sweatshop we were ordering from got shut down by Amnesty International. Some people just don't understand what the marketplace is all about.

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