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Find within this vaulted Museum of punk rock, important images collected by Pitchblende and their cohorts for display to the uninterested masses. Items include photographs, drawings, handwritten texts and various effluvium from the Modern Age. Yes, get lost in the vast majesty.


Justin at Fordham
Pitchblende at Fordham
Middle East
Middle East Again
Chapel Hill 1
Chapel Hill 2
15 minutes club
15 minutes club 2

Band Portraits

Contact sheet
Pitchblende in photo booth
Patrick in Vienna
Patrick and map
AuJus promo shot
"R" st. space
on "Exorsist Stairs"
First promo picture
Scott ay GYGAX! session
Scott ay GYGAX! session2
Tour Hijinx

Darren Walters
Duka on Cheeha
Scott at Biosphere
Justin in Texas
Atlanta Piercers
Atlanta Wall
Scott at L.A. hotel
Snowy van
Scott in the woods
Chearno House


Andy "F"
Jane Buscher
Andrew Beaujon
Bliss guy
Phil Pegg
Tom Dimuzio

Loser Leaflet
Drawing of Scott
Drawing of TT
'94 Tour Playbill
Lix, our mascot
Early album cover


Youngstown Plant
Easter Bunny
X-mas Bunny
Patrick's Kit GYGAX!

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