Pitchblende Youtube Page
A few live videos and are Shepherdess video linked here.

Pitchblende Wikipedia Page
With history and discography.

Gary Gygax
If you don't know who this is you were never young.

Jade Tree Records
Remember, pitchblende's is the exclusive site for Darren Walter's testicles.

Good friends, good memories...goodness. It's a shame they broke up but at least the estate sale will rock.

One of Justin's past bands.

Scaruffi History of Rock
Lots of info and links/history for pitchblende as far as we can tell. Being able to read Italian helps.

Treiops Treyfid
Just one folder away.

Trouser Press
We have an article in the Trouser Press Guide. That means we were a real band. You gonna argue?

Not even massive debt can dim their flame. Hurrah VHF!

WGNS studio
Big studio, big stars, lots of space, bring your own chairs. New floor. Underground railroad museum. $5 to get in...this inside joke is even lost on me at this point.

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