In this here section I'm going to put any Pitchblende sound files that I've made MP3's from. Here you'll find songs from our albums as well as obscure songs from compilations or unreleased material. Or, just plain old weird stuff from who knows where. I've got plenty more coming so check back every year or so.

Ask Rexella - This extended version was recorded in the same session as Windshield Kiss, payed for by Jade Tree. It was interesting to have Tim Owen walk in right while we were recording it. We had arecorded the first version of "Ask" for the "Weed Slam" EP on his label and he didn't know about this new version. Oops! It was used apparently for the soundtrack of the "Big Al" film. Never had a chance to see the film but, somewhere in it someone turns on a radio and there we are. Many other local DC favorites also ended up on the soundtrack.

Here's to the Losers - From the "Chairmen of the Board" Frank Sinatra Tribute CD. This is probably the worst recording we have ever done that was actually released. I tried to punch it up a bit on the MP3 but, it's still not the greatest. Also, probably one of the weirdest songs we ever attemped. It does not resemble in the least the Sinatra version

In The Flat Field - This Bauhaus cover was recorded at WHFS in DC for some kinda local band feature. Basement tapes? Sumthin' like that. It's actually a pretty good version. This is part of the "Pitchblende versus El Hat Guy" session. So named when Scott DeSimon yelled at some guy walking through the studio wearing a baseball cap.

- From "GYGAX!" CD. I've got the alternate mix of this which is quite different that I'll post eventually.

Pertaining to the Champ - From "GYGAX!" CD. We didn't sell a whole lot of GYGAX! CD's for some reason. Maybe it was the fact that we broke up shortly after it's release and didn't tour to support it. Most of the songs we never played live. Maybe it was self-sabotage because we made our weirdest and least friendly album of the three. Whatever the reason I think people should hear it so I'm going to be putting various songs from it available for download here.

Sawed Off City - From "Kill Atom Smasher" CD. Recorded by Eli Janney at Inner Ear I think. I think this was mixed by Charles Bennington and Geoff Turner at the Arlington VA. version of WGNS Studio. We did this neat trick where we ran the recorded snare out into the studio and through a speaker upon which was placed another better sounding snare which was miked back into the mix. Sort of a virtual sample, try it.

Windsheild Kiss - From "First Five Years" Jade Tree Records. Originally on an Eggs/Pitchblende split 7".

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