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This show is a physical and conceptual manifestation of the artist’s inability to connect with himself and others on an emotional level.

All of Treyfid’s paintings are diversionary tactics. Using a wildly complex system of symbols and abstractions, the artist ensures impenetrability. The audience, presented with images so beautiful, frightening, intimidating and convoluted, has no hope of discovering who the artist truly is.

By embracing his own shadow-self and exposing his own tendency to hide, the artist hopes to expose the general human tendency to hide and to inspire a catharsis on the part of the participants, forcing them to question their own facades and systems of hiding.

What we really fear is that there is nothing behind the facade: that there is no self, or that the self we are hiding is wretched.

The purpose of the show is to challenge the viewer to identify with his or her own need to hide behind self-made symbols and projections. The viewer should feel encouraged to question these facades and begin the journey back to his or her true self.


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