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All wild and exotic animals on our planet are under threat of extinction because of loss of habitat due to pollution, global warming, and human population growth. Fragile ecosystems are in serious peril all over the world and will pay a heavy price from the increased storms, floods, and coastal erosion that global warming will produce.

So, who are the critters that will survive the coming catastrophe? They will be the ones that are able to live with or near humans, can live in an urban or semi-urban environment, and use human garbage as a food source. These are the “Animals of the Future”. They include raccoons, opossums, rats, roaches, crows, coyotes, squirrels, sparrows, pigeons, deer, seagulls, lizards, rabbits, skunk, chipmunks, mice, feral cats, stray dogs, and many other species.

The pieces in this show will highlight and tribute these overlooked noble survivors that live sometimes literally in our own backyards. The pieces are sculptural in nature and are made out of mostly recycled elements but also include exotic materials, and lighting.

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