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Area Around 24-hour Fitness
Mid-Life Precipice
Overwhelmed by the Unconscious
Cure For Headache
Kooky Diaphragm
Self Energy
Mood and Method
Creature From The Unconscious
Troll Bones
Instinct and Transparent Body
Bondage Plane Crash
Genesis Of The Outcast
Birth of THIS IS IT
Lingham Out Of Space
Childhood Drawing
Journey to the Benevolent Ant
Universe And Direction
Bug Dream
Death Of Instinct
Unique Forms Of Perversion And Frustration In Space
Hidden In The Grid
Pretty Bugs And Worms
Death Is Older Than You Think
Extasy and Prosac
Discussing Moon’s Proximity
Cabriole Leg In Bondage
Axis Bold As Sperm Competition
Violin Hips
Jungian Self-Portrait
Prooving Objects and Recent Desires on Directional Template
Directional Cognizance
Struggle to Evade Cowardice
Everything Is Older Than You Think
Fist Of Armageddon
For Mystery’s Sake
Old School Beast
Dead Men Of History, Undiscovered
Take Credit For Brutality
Completed Movement
Cartoon Armaggedon
Pricks At The Airport
Colitis Hips
Both Heads For Two Bills
Shit On The Hands Of The Woman-Hater
Permanent Green
Art History Month at the Community College
From The Colony
Ham-fisted Virus

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