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It makes an “S”. I like this shape. In the bottom left is a control image. The ram woman wears crushed velvet. The ram horms may have come from my spotting a few on the drive from Colorado. The form has a greek cross on it’s “head”. It is tied up and “controlled”. Is the bottom right is the earth mother. In the top of the painting is a bee. I chose this image through a suggestion from the probable symbology of the matrix in the top left or “guide” or “inner progression” area. I was simply looking for imagery and took this bee image. I changed it to include a womb which is a sybol of safety for me. “safe” was my guide word in the matrix. There are 2 children in the womb. One is wearing a checkered frock and has cells dividing in it’s brain. The other has it’s hands on it’s face and has very dark hair. The foetuses are ripping out of the womb which is the bee’s abdomen and legs. The figure is fashionably dressed in my new Beattle boots and leather bondage belt. The direction of the piece is from the top right to the top left then diagonally right and down to the earth mother and then to the control at the bottom left. The bee’s legs are sexy stockinged with high heeled boots. Making the womb carrier a more sexual figure. The bee is metal. The lack of texture on the blue field is a departure from other works.

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