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This painting is symbolic of my relocating to Los Angeles from Washington DC. It also highlights my interest in the Mayan culture. On the top of the painting is a picture of the Pentagon in DC, on the bottom is a swimming pool which is a symbol to me of LA. The journey is illustrated superimposed upon a Mayan cross which is represented by slender green figures sitting in lawn chairs around a pool party. The Mayan cross is interesting in that the up and down direction is actually symbolic of east and west. To the east or top is the place where the Mayan culture is geographically located, the west or bottom is where the ancient controlling city of Mexico is, known as Teotihuac√°n, also know as the city of death. The vertical part of the cross is actually a road between the two. To the right or south are hot winds, illustrated by red swirling spirals, to the left or north are the cool winds, illustrated by blue swirling spirals. So this journey from DC in the east to Los Angeles (as the city of death) in the west is accommodated very well by the Mayan cross symbol. The swimming pool on the bottom belongs to a friend who is the figure below it. It is her pool party in which the bottom scene takes place. Her figure is horizontal with head back. She wears a diamond choker, which is symbolic of “property” or frivolous wealth.

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