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A jumble of weird imagery and symbols. Perhaps the piece is the illustrated result of a long life of convolution. There are objects and concepts hidden in the painting but no clear meaning for the whole. In the top right is a cat in the hills with a gun. When I was a child I had a very vivid dream of this. The cat was shooting a hooded snake shape which was running from it. I realize this now meant the supression of my intuition. Sometime somewhere in my childhood and adolescence my intuitive nature was suppressed. I still often have dreams that deal with this suppression with the same sort of imagery. In the bottom right is a woman with a gag in her mouth and a fish swimming in front of her. Her headdress is an Ionic column. In the center is a curled over figure with Gardenias growing out of its back. There are hurricanes on its back with a grid. In the top left is a female figure, very strong and stoic, perhaps a mother or dominant female figure. In the bottom left is a abstracted sex toy called the “Clitter Bug” seated on top of a wooden crate. There is someone or something in the box. This bottom left part of the canvas often contains a “control” figure in my paintings. The word “control” is the bottom left word in my watchword matrix.

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