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: Place is both a noun and a verb here. In the center is a human figure with a hole in the chest in which you can see ribs and vertebrea. I have often in the past drawn human-esque figures with holes in them. I don’t know what this symbolizes, maybe lack of or missing feeling and emotion in me. The figure’s head has big yellow spikes on it. It’s mouth has a bondage gag in it, it’s eyes are blindfolded with a crowned rat peering out from underneath. The “place” is in a bathroom. On the bottom is a grid pattern that is the tile floor. On the right is a bathtub full of water with a faucet above it. To the left is a mass of intestine-like shapes. Above that is a fist clutching a control box. The control box is a hoisting device that places the figure wherever the controller wants it. A very contorted piece.

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