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Weird subliminal and sexual shapes and perverted beings abound in this piece. The purple figure sitting on the chair is an abstracted vibtrator called the “Clitter Bug” that I bought at the Hustler Store in LA. The chair it is sitting on also apperars in “Jungian Self Portrait”. It is my personal symbol for a superficial wealth object. On the top right is a vase full of Gardenias. Gardenias are symbolic to me as it’s scent was one of my girlfriend’s favorite. On the bottom left is a folding table. On it is a strange creature sitting in an absracted high heel shoe. The creature is similar to ones found in “Axis Bold As Sperm Competition” in that it has a pink donut head and a female sex organ-esque body. Here the creature also has a bag of garbage presented on it’s head. The shapes to the bottom right are worms and rocks.

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