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The arrangement is very similar to many of my other pieces. A main figure directed to the west, or to the bottom left. The shadows seem to fall directly down and to the left which would suggest the light is coming from exactly the east but 2 dimensionally. Yet the arrangement is of objects in a 3 dimensional space. There is a shift from an “X” to a cross at work. It seems that this ambiguity causes the plane to be irrational. In the top right is a woman. She is in the area reserved for the masculine force. The fleshy man with stegosaur’s hair has his hands locked in the hat of a krishna-like being. There is a drunk bird by the bottle of beer held up by the red hand. There are strange sea creatures in the water. The Bimini road appears in the top left. The road is the symbol of mystery. It is in the area reserved for the moon which is a feminine object. I’m not sure what the central image is. It is a human with a fancifly abstracted skeletal structure. It is transparent. It is sloshing through the water.

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