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My first painting started and finished in Los Angeles. Knotted and dense. The title refers to my struggle to try to change my life emotionally. My move from D.C. to L.A. was near the beginning of that journey. I was probably cynical about my progress early on. I realized my move from D.C. was in part an escape from people and feelings. One can’t very effectively run away from fear. The central figure is of a breast and testicle blob atop a corset. Forms in the central bottom part are vaguely reminisecnt of bondage imagery. Rope, wrapped forms. One form on the lower left has a necklace that I had made for me. In the top left is an abstracted bee with foetus-tongue shape inside a bulb of some sort. In the top right is a geometric, masculine shape. A masculine geometric being in a spiked harness is riding atop a massive vehicle. The bottom central shape is a baboon-type thing with a large mouth and rocky teeth.

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