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Painted on top of a landscape I bought at a garage sale. It is turned 90 degrees counter clockwise. You can still see a few of the landscape features, such as some trees and part of a winter house. This one I think illustrates the style of “Abstract Repressionism” pretty well. There is no set idea or theme here but a mood is set by the abstraction of subliminal representational items. On the top center is a lion or tiger figure that melds into a newly born infant to the right. Below the tiger is a Dali-esque blob of troubled goo with a fish-like shape. Below that to the bottom left is another troubled mass of trapped goo with a subtle abstraction of a female figure with her arms binded behind her (this imagery is in the “control” area of he piece). The viewer probably would never come to know this but would feel that emotion of trappedness suggested. On the bottom right is a transparent figure of a man.

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