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This is sort of an abstract self-portrait. The painting is about a realization I had that the universe and I are one and the same. I believe there is a code or formula that everything in the universe is built on. I am part of that formula. This is the very beginning of spirituality in my life. The repeating images of my portrait with a burst of energy or a sun burst are meant to illustrate this idea. The “direction” aspect of the title is meant to represent realization of direction within the world and on the canvas. I have a figure of a woman in the bottom right looking in that direction. She is looking in a direction that is symbolic to me of uncertainty, but also forward progress. In “Jungian Self-portrait” that space is filled with a “dirt road” which comes directly from my watchword matrix. Her lips are green, the opposite of red, sexuality. Perhaps the figure is neutrally sexual? There is an X on the ground behind her along with four rocks. There are irrational shapes to the bottom left and upper left.

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