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I have participated in this roving group show/art party/performance space off and on for the past four years and have had the privilege to show my work with some of the best artists in Los Angeles. CB is very well organized and attended. It is well worth checking out.

I may be participating in the next CB in late May 2005. Come back to this page later for further details or go to for info.

Some of the artists I have shown with at Cannibal Flower:
Anthony Ausgang, Kristen Baker, Nathan Cartwright, Jeff Cohen, Brad Cooper, L. Croskey, Jacques Garnier, Randy Grief, Adam Harteau, Dennis Larkins, Eban Lehrer, Snow Mack, Ver Mar, Daron Nefcy, I. Niemand Amalgamated, Bill Pierce, Dave Pressler, Sagor, Sawa, E. Sharp, Sean Sobczak, Eric Sonntag, Jeff Soto, Nathan Spoor, Adam Strange, Joe Vaux, Michelle Waterman, Yoko, Chet Zar and many, many others.

Locations include:
Abundant Sugar, Brewery Complex
Hangar 1018, 1018 S. Santa Fe St.
The Nunnery, 215 S. Los Angeles St.
The Lab, 825 S. Spring St.
Infusion Gallery, S. Main St.

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