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What happens when 30 artists each design a drawer in a library card file based on the theme “the unconscious”? …We’re not exactly sure. Come to our unveiling of our group sculpture/installation and see for yourself before it heads out to the playa. It will be appearing at:

The Hive Monthly Group Show
The Hive Gallery has an opening the FIRST Saturday of EVERY Month. Up to 40 artists, live performances and painting, video projection.
8:00pm – 1:00am -Suggested $5 donation at the door
Saturday, August 6, 2005
729 S. Spring St. Downtown, L.A.

What is a Curiosity Cabinet?

Curiosity Cabinets came into vogue in the 15th Century. They were wooden cabinets with many drawersthat were used to display a collection of artifacts, usually connected with a theme. The original cabinets were considered the pre-cursor to the museum. Many times curiosity cabinets were the only place for commoners to glimpse exotic pieces like the horn of a rhino or chinaware from the Orient. These miniature museums were an attempt to classify science and civilization while the world was still amorphous. Many of these classifications were a strange hybrid of religion, science and superstition that are now considered obsolete.

Our Curiosity Cabinet is very much in the tradition of the original cabinets. We are collectors and our display is a miniature museum of the mind. Our cabinet explores the unconscious and the artifacts that surface in our own psyches that are themselves difficult to define or explain. They are as exotic, strange and intriguing to us as the horn of a rhino was to a peasant living in 15th century England. In an attempt to display the unconscious and put the bits and pieces of our psyche in the confines of tiny drawers, the glimpses and suggestions will mean something different to every person that will explore the cabinet.

The Curiosity Cabinet of the Collective Unconscious will be on display in the Funhouse constructed underneath The Burning Man, September 2005. But, before it gets there check it out at The Hive.

Curiosity Cabinet Artists:
Mark Adams, Marta Bartholomew, Chai Guy, Brad Cooper, Airom Bleicher, Nathan Cartwright, DaBomb, divaDanielle, Tom Domingues, Amy E, Dale East, Roger Fojas, Jesse Garone, Krissy Harris of biggerKrissy, Andy Hermann, Jan Johnson, Johnny Kernick, Randy Kirk, Katrina Miller, Travis Morley, Julie Rasmussen, Ashley Reinhardt, Kevin “Kevissimo” Rolly, Elizabeth Scarborough aka Bettie June, Jim Stewart of The Zymoglyphic Museum, Treiops Treyfid, Aimee Wright, Sharon Yablon.

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