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jFERRARI Gallery is an contemporary artist run gallery located in Northeast Los Angeles. It focuses on supporting emerging and mid-career fine artists. The gallery is active with monthly exhibitions.

On January 12th was the opening of “Figure It Out”. A group exhibit of painters, sculptors, and photographers work that portrayed the human form realistically, and symbolically.

I had two pieces in the show. One is called Red Chi, the other Blue Chi. These are artworks in the form of relief sculpture created through a complicated process using exotic materials such as holographic foil and polyester resin.

We’re doing it again! “Figure It Out”

Join us for our 2nd annual “FIGURE IT OUT” show. “Figure It Out” will portray the human form realistically, symbolically and as a representation of an emotion or feeling. This exhibit will encompass many art movements and art media with which to illustrate the human, making it a diverse collection suited to all art enthusiasts. A figure is, by definition, a human form, or it can be a numerical symbol or a graphic representation of a form. We will exhibit a diverse collection of age-old subject matter transformed into contemporary works by infusing them with fresh ideas and ingenious approaches to traditional figurative art. Join us for the opening reception on January 12th.

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