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February brings Fourth Annual All Media Juried Show at eklektikos.

This event occurs February 19, 1999 – March 17, 1999. Featured works from artists from across United States will compose the exhibit. This year’s “Best of Show” winner will receive a prize of $1,000.00, second place, $500.00 and third place a $250.00 cash prize.

An opening reception for this event will take place on Friday, February 19, 1999 from 6 to 9 PM.


This year’s Juror is Barbara Januszkiewicz. Barbara is an artist/filmmaker and teacher. Her talents have attracted the attention of collectors and her works are currently represented at private corporations as well as public collections. Barbara’s works have also been shown in feature film, cable, and international television formats. We best know Barbara for her efforts in bringing exceptional art programming to the Washington DC area on cable television. “Creative Vision, Visiting the Artmakers” is a complete multimedia approach to present the experience of creating art and the rewards of artist expression. Barbara, the Producer of Creative Vision, reaches out to the community to share these stories in hopes to expand art awareness in the area.

“Juring this show was both exciting and challenging. I was delighted to view so many works that showed such great promise. The works chosen were from all schools of practice, from realistic to abstract. Overall, the works that drew my attention most, were the ones that showed great drama. Strong shapes, good color sense and dramatic composition were what captured me as I viewed the works for this exhibit. It takes artistic license to create the spark the drama, that makes a work all so interesting. I enjoyed seeing the pieces that took that risk. They left me with the inspiration to do the same. I believe there is a creative vision in each of us. Some of us have the ability to create works, others appreciate them. I am glad to be able to witness these talents in this exhibit.”

Here is a listing of the artists who had works accepted into the Fourth All Media Juried Show at eklektikos. Congratulations to these artists and to all the artists who entered the competition.

  • Catherine Angel
  • Van Bankston
  • Mike Barker
  • Ruth M. Bird
  • Erik Brocca
  • Ted Butts
  • Sara Crisp
  • Annemie Curlin
  • A. Da Fonseca
  • Kevin Eccles
  • Edward Epstein
  • Aylene Fallah
  • Kathleen Field
  • Kevin G. Frank
  • Dave Gale
  • Colleen Garibaldi
  • Suzanne Gonsalez
  • Brian Harris
  • Susan Heiderer
  • Evelyn Karwoski
  • James A. Kochert
  • Jean Koeller
  • Joyce McCarten
  • Yari Ostovany
  • Chris Reynolds
  • Carolyn Rogers
  • Beverly Ryan
  • Keith Sharp
  • David E. Stroup
  • Chandon S. Thorell
  • Treiops Treyfid
  • Ellyn R. Weiss
  • Gehry Welty
  • Junko Yamada-Fernandez
  • Michiko Yamate
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