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Greetings beautiful people, here are your invites for next The PROGRAM 12, Saturday May 12, 2001. We are very excited about this particular event, as this is our biggest production yet!!!!
Here’s the story:
We are creating a labyrinth of pathways, rooms, pockets and cubby holes within a 30,000 sq ft space, for our talented artists to experiment in. This labyrinth will be the stage for the sound showcases, performances and other sensual delights that you will encounter at this amazing event. Look forward to seeing you there,
RAN and Danny

Next date: May 12, 2001. Saturday
Door: 25$ (no guest list , sorry ) OPEN COCKTAIL BAR & OXYGEN BAR
Location : 1335 Willow Street off Santa Fe by 6th Street. Please enter on Santa Fe.

This Month’s Program12 is held in the heart of the DOWNTOWN WAREHOUSE DISTRICT, at a very unique location. Whoever designed the floor plan & rooftop of this building must have been a Howard Roark fanatic.

The Interior Space will be for the Exhibiting artists of Painters, Sculptures & Installation Artists. All laid out in the different hallways, rooms, paths and cubby holes.

Curated by: Program12 Resident, Adam Harteou.

With the following artists:
Treiops Treyfid -painting
KOFIE -aerosol & mixed media
MXF – paint
Aldo Valdez -paint
DOM – paint
Ricky Becerril -paint
Farris McReynolds -paint
Adam Harteau -paint & Drawings
David Brandy -paint
Jeff Cohen -photo
Adrian Meraz – paint & installation
Joey Crebs – paint
Robert Weatherman – Drawing
Hayley Keenan – paint
Aman Mojadidi – sculpture & installation
Nikki Van Pelt-
Rich Longo – Photo & multimedia
Steve Iruin – performances
Animal Charm – Video
RAN – Video

Jean Louis of Louis XIV will produce the Lush VIP Green room. We will have available within a bar of some of the finest Tequilas from Mexico.

The lovely LILLIAN DE WINTER will produce the BDSM Playroom
“Malice Wonderland”
along with her special guests. This room is open to all those attending Program12 however an additional door fee will apply.
Door: 50.00$ FREE to women dressed in Fetish (i.e.. Latex, Rubber, Leather, Etc) We recommend that you bring your own toys.J

The outdoor Rooftop accommodates 300 persons with multilevel platforms, which will be used to create unusual dwellings & environments. This will be the stage for the Circus Troupe of ESOTEROTICA with Aerial, Pyro and Stilts. As well as Video screenings of assorted work from various artists.

On the music end we have the following lovely artists, who have supported Program12 so passionately…

Eddie Fowlkes (City Boy Records)
Oscure (LABA)
Tony Noodles (DSOF)
Jesse Brooks (Fresh Produce)
Chris Monaco (Groove Convention)
Mannequin Lung (Plug Research)
Adrienne Sanchez (Vinyl Fetish)
TL Smith (ELM)
Mick Cole (Bud Brothers)
And Dean DeCosta ( Mosaic-UK, Plug Research)

We thank you for your consideration.

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