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The Julie Rico Art Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Industrial Organic Dream Metaphors with Manic Characteristics featuring artists Robert Sean Coons, Peter Hamlin, Joel Hobbie and Treiops Treyfid. With this exhibition we present what we are calling “New Technical Realism with Organic Manifestations“. Through the use of painting, music, technology and organic structural imagery these artists, at the height of their technical prowess, will create a stunning visual experience for the viewer. Join us and experience the latest revolution in the arts, which we feel will be representative of the first decade of the new century.

Saturated by exposure to pop culture their entire lives, these artists, all in their 30’s, were born into the current technological revolution. Living mass culture in all its manifistations, each artist has a unique connection to the various expressive mediums they present, including the independent music world. Treiops works with independent musicians and is in a band himself. Sean was the world skate boarding champion for 1991 and is also a freelance artist in Los Angeles, connected with Art Center College in Pasadena. Joel Hobbie creates drum sets for famous musicians, and Peter is from New York where his work recieves various mass media exposure.

Robert Sean Coons
realist paintings are inspired by spirituality and dreams. Enlightenment represented as paradox or metaphor, each painting is a vision that changes meaning according to your relative contextual environment. Interested more in skill than just conceptualization, his work has been inspired by such artists as Ross Bleckner and Neil Jenney. He is presently residing in Los Angeles.

Peter Hamlin
states “We are in a ride for the future both scary & exciting“, as technology becomes indistinguishable from life and our world becomes more connected, He explores this with visuals old and new, combining organic imagery with inorganic, the scientific with the religious, the unrecognizable with the familiar. He is interested in what the past and present hold for the future. He is inspired by sea monkeys, music, Native-American art, motherboards, graffiti, crop circles, religious icons and puffy stickers. Peter calls Brooklyn, NY his home.

Joel Hobbie
defines his sculptural steel work as “Industrial Organics“. It is the struggle between fluid organisms, the bulbous pods and the machines that bind them together. The contradictions in his work often contain interactive qualities such as neon light sources, hidden compartments, and other mechanical devices. His inspiration is often drawn from microscopic life forms, scientific machinery, as well as various types of electronic music. Joel is a resident of Santa Fe Springs, New Mexico.

Treiops Treyfid’s
work might be classified as “Abstract Repressionism“. ¬†Fears, sexual desires, repressed anger and frustration are the source of his imagery and are illustrated by dense, knotted and ambiguous shapes. His canvases are crammed with bubbling waves of color, tiny beings, alien geometric planes, and convoluted balls of energy. Dark surrealism for the purposes of self enlightenment. Originally from Washington D.C. he now makes Hollywood his home.

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