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Suspects Inc. is a promotion/production company specializing in multimedia events which combine art, music, film and fashion with an underground, yet sophisticated atmosphere that showcases emerging and established artists, as well as unknowns in respective areas of interest.

Virtual Genius Odyssey

*CKL2: The Ocular Collective curated by: Corinne Alsman
group show featuring artists: Shannon Fincke, Charles Sutton, Treiops Treyfid, Patrick Romero, Juliet Galulyan, Jeff Alu, Mira Gandy, Jessica White, Eban Lehrer, Tansen Sharp and many more!

*Fuzzbom Studios presents “Heavyweight” – a short film – directed by Amin Matalqa(10:30pm)

*Spin Cycle &Mac246; The Suspects Sound Machine – DJ Ash, C1RKLZ, and guest DJ Rattan

*Parris Harris presents “SUBLIMINAL FASHION &Mac246; just because you don’t see fashion doesn’t mean it’s not there!!” featuring the designs of E.B.C.!!

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