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Airom Bleicher
Airom Bleicher’s paintings are filled with thick expression and conceptual imagery while still maintaining an innocent aesthetic appeal. Airom has developed an art form that explores the interaction between thought and emotion. He has been influenced by his psychology education and art brut, expressionist and neo-surrealistic art movements. Airom has had his work displayed and published in Australia and the United States.

Brad L. Cooper
is a Los Angeles based multi-media artist. Cooper works with digital video, photography and music in equal shares. Visually his latest work includes a photo series for artist Sinan Revell, titled Doppelganger, each photo features at least two and up to eight characters all portrayed by Revell. Another recent release is the dvd Revolutions, a 45min. visual trip set to a musical collaboration by the guitarist from The Mars Volta and Beck’s drummer Matt Scherrod. Musically Cooper’s work includes cd’s with Brain Garden and Primitive Machines as well as scores for film and television projects. Working with partner Atom Smith (Mutaytor, Micky Heart) the duo are composing a funk opera in collaboration with a live performance troup. Brandi Hugo, another frequent collaborator with Cooper, will be creating set designs as well as costumes.

Michael Hsiung
In the wild jungles of Koreatown in Los Angeles, California, Michael Hsiung resides in a spacious cell drawing a fanciful land of mermen and benevolently retarded creatures. His style can be described as nothing less than unique and offers a fresh look into the mastermind of a five-year old boy. Following a sea current of inspiration in 2006, he participated in group shows at Echo Curio (2006), Gallery Revisited (2006) and Hive Gallery Studio (2006). These shows proved time and time again that people like him not merely for his good-looks and mustache, but for his clean technique and humorous renditions of the fancy, mythical and other realms. Biography by KATHLEEN BRZEZINSKI III

Jose Lopez
Jose Lopes grew up in Mexico City, absorbing the culture, the smog, the will to live and the drama of all Mexicans. Forever fascinated by the magnificent murals of the great Mexican masters, the pre-Columbian artifacts and architecture and the folk culture, he could not escape the influence of the ancient cultures and their preoccupation with death and the underworld which has been part of Jose since then. “I paint as a response to an internal drive, an urgency, a sense or duty to the world and to myself. I paint in an effort to gain that edge the insane have over the rational man. My work is the result of constant exploration and improvisation. It is the evolution of methods and techniques given to me by teachers and friends to help me find a personal vocabulary that would allow me to inflict a wound in the viewers’ heart. Each painting is created without a precise idea of what the finished piece will look like. The viewer can then find in the shadows his own demons and have them breed with mine to create a third form of reality.”

Alex Schaefer
Alex Schaefer paints in Los Angeles,the places and times of day and people of this city. His work remains within the realm of representation and based on some sort of present witness from life, but they variously walk a line between a remembered realism and naturalistic visual truth. Alex paints the wallflower buildings and rooms and people of this city and finds beauty in everything he chooses to paint, the beauty in the places we pass by every day. Alex attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Graduating in 1992 with an eduacation emphasizing drawing and painting from life, he worked 9 eight years as an artist in the video game industry doing 3-D modeling, lighting, and 2-D texture mapping, spending time whenever possible painting and studying it’s craft and history for himself. It is the combination of knowledge about painting and of modern tools that come together in Mr. Schaefer’s intriguing paintings. The analog with the digital. For the past five years, Alex has spent his time painting and drawing and teaching at the Art Center College of Design and Cal State University Los Angeles.

Treiops Treyfid
Treiops Treyfid’s art is manly about the unconscious. If you look at his enigmatic paintings you will see that objects that live in the unconscious world are represented and abstracted. In every nook and cranny is a nugget, a creature, or a pattern from that place which we all glean our inspiration. The work displays a struggle between the unconscious (or intuitive) side and the conscious (or conditioned) side. It is at this point where the work lives and achieves it’s distinctiveness. It is Treiops’ goal to represent and to present this conflict to people and to himself so it can be interpreted and knowledge gained from it.

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