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Treiops Treyfid Solo

Treiops Treyfid – Feelings Of Unreality – CD
Postfact PFR05 – 2005
songs: No One Is Taking A Chance, What Can I Do But Continue?, Where’s My Everything?, Y.M.F.O., Time In Between, Her Stories Wrote Themselves, Rolling Blackout, Sex Differences, The Highlight Of Our Trip, Ute I Solen, Enoch 6

Treiops Treyfid – 15 People-Pleasing Hits – CDR
Self-release – 2002
songs: Hand Full of Babylon, Worry Machine, Stolen Face, Before Color Code, Instrumental, Mirror’s Fractal Eye, >Water is the Body, Waves I’m Watching, Magnet Power, Memory, Yule, Weapons, Multimedia, Powder Horn, Enoch 6

Treiops Treyfid – Keep Left – Various Artists Compilation CD
AceFu 010 – 2000
songs: Powder Horn

Treiops Treyfid – REACH THE EXPLOSION! – CD
DeepReverb 010 – 1998
songs: Feel Victory, Sonic Boom, Bank Clock Controlled the Weather, I Have Learned, Chemical Wheel, Go For The Omni, Don’t Be Randy, Remote View, Magnet Power, Grown-up Pharaohs, Goat In The Ether

Treiops Treyfid – All Water – 7″
Coolidge Records 029 – 1997?
songs: Waves I’m Watching, Water is the Body

Treiops Treyfid – Worry Machine – 7″
vhfrecords 024 – 1996?
songs: Worry Machine, Stolen Face, Before Color Code

Treiops Treyfid w/Halogen – Handful of Babylon – 7″
Kilogram Denial 001 – 1995?
songs: Hand Full of Babylon

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