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Written by Scott around 1996:

The pitchblende quartet has broken up. Since the release of their second album, Au Jus, in 1994 the various members of the band have just been enjoying the good things in life that only indie-rock stardom can buy.

After a wildly successful tour, two of the members moved to New York – Justin to be closer to his new love, the stock market; and Scott just to capitalize on a vacancy in the Dakota building. They both still maintain Washington-area residences to keep the appearance of band unity.

Treiops continued to dabble in horse racing just outside of DC in Silver Spring where he keeps a stable of ponies, and Patrick roamed the hills of his Manassas, VA farm, metal detector in hand, searching for relics of a war that pitted brother against brother.

But this well-heeled life of leisure wasn’t enough to placate the artistic yearnings of these four angry young men. The pull of The Rock was too strong. So in March of last year they secretly rented out WGNS Studios in Washington, DC. and began work on what would become a six month project. With their sizable advance from Cargo Records they were able to procure the talents of engineer/producers Charles Bennington and Geoff Turner and a slew of the best studio musicians money could buy. And the world waited…

The result is “GYGAX!” (note all capitals), the band’s most accomplished, innovative and yet accessible work to date. A more developed sense of melody meshes with pitchblende’s dense yet ethereal sonic pastiche to form a cohesive unit of Rock that will knock that Papas Fritas record off of your turntable for good.

Name: “GYGAX!” after Gary Gygax, inventor of Dungeons and Dragons.
Recorded: 3/95-9/95 at WGNS with Charles Bennington and Geoff Turner to 16 trk analog and 8 trk ADAT and mixed down to DAT. That’s right, DIGITAL AUDIO TAPE, NOT 1/4″ tape.
Mastered: By Josquin DePres (ex of MAGMA).
European Release: On Matador Europe.

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