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we saw lights move – quick through night’s sky
no airbase is nearby
bright shafts bolt out – beams search, crawling
they’ll find us, waiting

Silence, heat and static fool the eye

there they lie, in the sky – invisible, waiting
we see them, we hear them – even now in the daylight
we hear dogs howl, we see birds fly – no airbase is nearby


Here’s news you can’t use, no bright ideas, no inspiration or the best intentions
A story of half truths, watered down, no innovation, a flawed invention
It makes the head spin, a centrifuge
The circuit scrambles then blows it’s fuse
mixing metaphors, confusing tense a Vicious circle that never ends

Deserving reproof, censure worthy, unruly usage coerces repulsion
An edit frenzy too huge to file, too wide to hide, to red a herring
It lacks in reason, less common sense
At fever pitch ink melts and blends
Mixing metaphors, confusing tense
A vicious circle that never ends

A blue screen life, living in others scenes, takes where’d you rather be, shows you what you would rather see
punched up on the psych, snaps you out of lethargy, image here is everything


You’re bored – you’ve got nothing
Better to do – than give money to the state
You’ve got a liscense plate – it says i love my cat
You paid money for that
But your car is cute

You’ve got a wicker basket – full of pearl necklaces
You have diamonds – but they might as well be grains of sand
Your bedspread – looks like a wedding dress
You married walt disney – for his filthy free candy

The dream you have realized – comes in many colors
Tan, mauve magenta – but they’re all the same shade
you’ve got it made – you mistake my wonder – for ridicule


Sun sets slow, leaves a sticky glaze in it’s path progress’ pace is paralyzed
They took an axe and whacked and hacked and chopped the town in half
Cut it to size revealing bluer skies
Here’s the place where makeshift men die TV deaths
In this town we live close to the ground

bright light hurts my eyes
I care even less for the city

This is the square where they all stared each other down
Here’s the car that drove them straight up the wall
Where’s the barrel that blinded everyone with it’s glare
Cracked, but the act will stand the test of time
Here’s the place where makeshift men die TV deaths; in this town we live close to the ground

Bright light hurts my eyes, i care even less for the city


Walking backwards into here, struck a nerve
Stalled motor standing still, not a word
Can’t pull the trigger, impulse, can’t spit it out
I’m inclined to say the least; tried, untied, won’t be released

Peripheral visions, all things to come
All on your own accord, scrawled onto the blackboard
It’s not a crime to feel resigned, it’s all by design
Right inside is sight unseen; truth, lies, somewhere in between

System doesn’t work, never has and never will
System doesn’t work, never has never will




The veil, perpetual with clouds on the slopes
Despite this impairment, your image transmits
Relationships at work, the rendezvous soon
The robot I sent for you searches and continues

The shepherdess from Maat Mons
In her sunday finery – The Shepherdess from Maat Mons

The tortured surface, the weathered summit
Like an active volcano five miles high

The shepherdess from Maat Mons, In her sunday finery




It’s by design
The constructs stand, the heads will ring
Lost from all the simple things
A moment caught, a moment spent
For popsters all the losers then
Can’t figure out something is wrong
The secret’s out, the mystery’s gone

I’m waiting for the one to call me on what I owe her
take me straight on her shoulders
Lift me up show me how
One hand raised, a straight arm
goose step, click

Still, something’s dying
The constructs stand, the heads will ring
Lost from all the simple things
The noise it takes to really strip
A motion siezed, a feeling ripped
With time long wasted, breath long baited
There’s nothing new to show the song drones on


Like a twizzler – a wet twizzler
Between pillows – two down pillows
You’re hard candy – dropped on the ground
Full of dirt and sand – then thrown away

When you rise – from that goofy chair
An indentation – is left there
The beans are packed – the bag is leaking
the shape is yours – and i’m thinking


Step, breath, mind, throws me overhead
The sky reflects me older, older than it seems
Caught bending, kneeling there

Step, breath, mind reminds me why i’m here
For me and not to hold her, thrown down a glare

In sway I’m ashamed of all her, out sway i’m the same, just smaller

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