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– late 60’s Hagstrom semi-hollow 335 copy
– 60’s Fender Telecaster Deluxe (since stolen in S.F.)
– 70’s Fender Telecaster Custom (Scott’s)
– 70’s Gibson Marauder (neck snapped off in Boston)
– Gibson Les Paul Jr. 1959 reissue
– Gibson “The Paul”
– Aria Pro II SG
– Travis Bean Artist model
– Ibanez Talman (to replace stolen tele deluxe)

– 100 watt Crate solid state head w/. Peavey 4×10 cabinet
– 72 Fender Super Reverb combo
– 60’s Fender Bassman w./ Peavey 4×10 cabinet
– 80’s Fender Dual Showman (stolen in S.F. and replaced in L.A.) w/. Fender 4×12 cabinet

– Barcus Berry Hot Dot Box (from guitar player in Samhain, kicked out for lack of stage presence)
– BOSS Heavy Metal Pedal
– Rat pedal
– DOD Compressor
– Ibanez Soundtank Tube Screamer
– Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
– Real Tube
– Arion Stage Tuner
– R2DU Rat in a rack
– Korg rack tuner


– Fender Squier Jazz bass (Justin’s)
– Fender ’75 reissue Jazz bass
– 70’s Ibanez Explorer guitar (on GYGAX! record)

– Peavy TKO 60 bass amp
– Ampeg B-15 flip top (solid state combo)
– SWR Red Head combo (blew out speakers)
– Marshall 200watt bass head w./ Hartke 1-15″ and 2×10″ cabinets
– Ampeg SVT-III 350 watt head w/. EV 2×15″ and horn cabinet

– Boss Heavy Metal
– ? rack tuner


– Tama Rockstar 4-pc kit (floor tom replaced after being crushed at CBGB’s, rack tom replaced with shallower tom, a gift of Bob Reising)
– various cymbals (Paiste Rude, Zidijan K series, etc.)

– Headset Mic (Amplified too much ambient sound)


– Fender Squier Strat (since stolen in S.F.)
– 70’s Kay Les Paul copy w/. built-In effects
– Rufheun (homemade guitar w/. Rickenbacker bass body, Schecter neck & Seymour Duncan Billy Gibbons humbucker pickup)
– Ruffheun harp guitar (homemade, used on “Penny for the Guy”)
– Fender Strat w/. above-mentioned humbucker from homemade guitar installed)
– Ibanez Roadstar II Strat copy (to replace Squier strat stolen in S.F.)

– 2 Fender Super 60’s (w/. signal split from pedal)
– Mesa Boogie 50 Caliber? returned after one Boston show
– Hiwatt Custom Lead 100w had w/. 4×12 Sound City cab
– Fender Dual Showman head w./ above cabinet

– BOSS Hyper Metal
– BOSS Super Phase
– BOSS Tremolo/Pan

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