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Site updated: 07/18/10. But, there’s really nothing to update. We broke up decades ago. Why are you still reading this on your iPhone or iPad? There’s a lot more important things you could be doing. Global Warming will be flooding our major cities in a few years and there you are sitting on your overweight ass poking around on the web researching art punk bands from the 90’s. Peak Oil will destroy our economy and way of life in a few short years (if the gulf blowout doesn’t do so first). There will be food riots and a worldwide oil war. You better start staking out your claim so you can grow your own food in your back yard, don’t forget to buy a gun and plenty of ammo.


The Pitchblende Quartet© is not currently developing a new, more juvenile and embarrassing (& hopelessly outdated) page, loaded with tactical errors that will include the history of the band, a complete list of gigs, absolutely no god-damn spell check, lyrics for a few songs, and pictures of bunny rabbits wearing Santa hats and Easter bonnets if we actually get off our asses and scan the damn things. The page is definitely NOT expanding in size and “improving” every day. In fact, it is falling behind the level of technological advancement in multimedia by 154,100 physical units per nanosecond (and accelerating). The site is actually traveling backwards into time and by the end of the week be present at Appomattox for General Lee’s surrender to end the American Civil War (it pitted brother against brother). Next week the site will be whipping past Cleopatra’s suicide (the asp theory will finally be proved wrong). Why don’t you take some time (unless you’re too busy with computer gaming and type 2 diabetes) and commend our masturbatory and megalomaniacal efforts right now.

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