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Poison Plant Music started as a cassette tape label in the mid 1980s by Jack Hurwitz and Todd Fletcher. Later Jack invited Treiops Treyfid to be a part of the label. Between the three they released many exciting recordings by all sorts of unique artists and groups. The genres included New Age, Electronic, Avant Garde, Experiemntal, Sound Collage, Progressive, Soundtrack, and Comedy. They became an important part of the “cassette culture”. Later on in the 1990s Jack and Todd discontinued major involvement and Treiops became the label head. Poison Plant is not as active as it was back in the cassette culture heyday but it still exists as a vehicle for release mainly for Treiops Treyfid-related projects.
Contact (poisonplantmusic at yahoo dot com)

Treiops plans to release select titles from the Poison Plant back catalog and also new music from Triptic of a Pastel Fern, The Cell Singer, Naked Acid Wedding,and his solo project. Stay tuned for new excitting music coming your way!

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