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Many thanks to those persons who contributed their time and creativity to this album.

Track Listing: 01Feel Victory 02Sonic Boom 04Bank Clock Controlled The Weather 05I Have Learned 06Chemical Wheel 07Go For The Omni 09Don’t Be Randy 10Remote View 012Magnet Power 13Grown-up Pharaohs 14Goat In The Ether


Alex Hacker

Drums on 13.

Jerry Fuchs

Drums on 04.

Ben Azzara

Drums on 01,12,14.

Derek Morton

Synthesizers on 07.

Charles Bennington

Bass on 02,06,07,10. Saxophone on 07. Synthesizer on 06.

Scott DeSimon

Bass on 04.

Rob Christiansen

Drums on 02,06,07,10.

John Dugan

Drums on 05,09.


Voice on 07.

Amy Domingues

Cello on 05,09.

Sarah Slifer

Voice on 04,07,09.

Treiops Treyfid

Guitars, vocals, some bass, some synths.

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