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Over the years Treiops has collected a fair amount of audio equipment that was used to record himself and others. The studio goes under the name of “E.L.F.Sound”. Below is a list of releases (in no particular order) that Treiops had some hand in. There are sound files available to download for some. This is an imcomplete list.

The Ropers
Lord I Know
Brilliant Records Recorded the Ropers’ song on this split single with The Tribbles for Brilliant Records. It was mixed by Treiops with help from The Ropers.
Blast Off Country Style
Pretty Sneaky Sis’
Teenbeat Records These crazy kids came over and stormed the studio. Picking up Jim Beam empties all night. How did they get one in the chimney?
Treiops Treyfid
Worry Machine 7″
vhfrecords All songs were recorded at ELF then brought to WGNS and given special treatment and sweetening by the Brit Bennington. Treiops mixed “Before Color Code”. TT also did the cover art.
Treiops Treyfid
Hand Full of Babylon
Kilogram Denial

Song recorded at ELF. Mixed by the Brit at WGNS. Song features John Dugan (Edsel, Chisel) on drums. Other side of single features the song “Hindude” by Halogen. TT also did the cover art.
Triptic of a Pastel Fern
Louder Than a Star Exploding
Poison Plant Music

Full album (60 minutes) recorded at ELF. Mixed by TOAPF, sequenced at Airshow by Glaser. Probably the most comprehensive use of the equipment available to ELF. Very experimental. Guess what? TT did the cover art.
Macitajs on Acid
Rock Bridge
Box Theory

Some tracks recorded by Evan Shurak at American University some at ELF. All songs mixed at ELF. The birth of the “Brother Attack” method of vocal recording was developed and perfected. The cover art, yes, TT did do it.
Blast Off Country Style
Giggles N’ Gloom

Song recorded at Marc Capponi’s bunker of Soundstation. Mixed at E.L.F. Sound with the help of Mark Robinson.
Los Marauders
You Make Me Cum In My Pants!
TeenBeat Sequenced at E.L.F. Sound.
Various Artists
Art of Rocketry
Supernova T.O.A.P.F. track, “Juices for the Masses”, recorded and mixed at E.L.F. Sound.

The World Is Fire

Album recorded and mixed at E.L.F. Sound. Cover art by Khoy Vein.

Various Artists
Fortune Cookie Prize
Simple Machines

The Unrest song, “I Love Calvin” recorded and engineered at E.L.F.

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