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Bands are strange animals. We’ve found ourselves at a creative stalemate over the last many months. Frustrations have risen. Therefore, we’ve charted a saner course: we are choosing our friendships over our musical partnership. We’ve decided to stop playing together as this band for the indefinite future. This sounds like it should be sad, but in fact we all feel really good about this. It’s allowed us to relax with each other and enjoy each other’s company without any expectations. And it’s made us excited about playing our upcoming shows, which may be the last for some time to come.

Please note that we have new releases due this spring. Absolutely Kosher, who released our CD entitled “Ilium,” will also release a remix 12-inch featuring Mu-ziq, Stock Hausen & Walkman, Horse Opera and Downpour. Toyo Record and will release a split CD single in May. We also have another remix accompanying the third issue of the fine ‘zine called Tapegun.

In the meantime, Devin will be playing with Faraquet, Amy will be playing with Jenny Toomey, and Bob will be playing with the Gena Rowlands Band. All will have records out soon. Look for us to collaborate with each other in those projects as well.

Cheers, Amy, Devin and Bob – Telegraph Melts

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