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The Best Online Video Games of 2019

Here is our first selection of the best free PC games 2019 to download. The offer of free-to-play games has grown considerably in recent years.

Also, Free To Play economic models are mature and allow players to play without frustration if they don’t pay. Of course, more often, they will spend more time to progress, but equity is there.

Also, in this selection of free PC games 2019, we have eliminated those with a weak economic model, giving too much advantage to players who pay, the ” Pay To Win “.

The goal of this top is to offer different types of game, from strategy game through MOBA to MMORPG. All games are of course full games to download for free.

Apex Legends moves into the top of free PC games 2019

Apex Legends debuted on the Battle Royale scene in early February 2019. And it was a great success. Although for the moment he is still far from Fortnite’s success, he did make a better start than the Epic Games title.

Apex Legends, 25 million players in one week, a new record

So if you like a nervous, strategic and Team Battle Royale, Apex Legends may be the right choice for 2019.

In this title of Respawn Eternal, you will choose your character with its specific abilities. On the battlefield, pick up your weapons, modifiers, armor, kit, and shield.

The fights are nervous, strategic, and require team cooperation. It’s an addictive game, with a rich gameplay. Moreover, EA should provide many updates, to support its community and the success already met.

To conclude, this is a title that fully deserves its place in this selection of the best free PC games 2019. But if you are launching into this BR, I advise you first to read our guide to get a good start on Apex Legends.

Heavy Metal Machines – a new PC game for free

First of all Heavy Metal Machines has left its Early Access phase since September 19, 2019. You may not have heard of this game. But it’s been downloaded over 800,000 times on Steam.

So why does Heavy Metal Machines come into this selection of the best free PC games 2019?

If you like MOBA and cars, this game may be made for you. While the MOBA universe is a little saturated, this title renews the genre in the manner of Rocket League. Two teams of four compete. The objective? Bring the ball to the opposing goals, crossing a circuit.

Each machine has its abilities, playing style and punk-inspired character. Each character has its personality, a heavy metal soundtrack, and a full background story on the site. It’s hectic, explosive, and fun to play.

Albion Online

The MMORPG Albion Online is now free. The developers of Albion describe it as a “hardcore” experience with a player-driven economy and a lot of Pvps. Of course, it is always possible to subscribe. But the free accounts have no restrictions in the game; they have access to the same content.


Dreadnought is a competitive multiplayer free-to-play game that combines the features of a spatial simulation, action, and strategy game. The game takes you into the future, as a mercenary, you choose different jobs from those that pay the most. The gameplay focuses on battles between players both in space and in the atmosphere of neighboring planets.

Also, one of the features of the title is that instead of a fast and agile spaceship, you command a huge space dreadnought. And you have control of every element of your ship. Dreadnought is still in beta, but it’s very stable.

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