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Blood and Truth: should we save Private Ryan?

Expressing a strong opinion about the Blood & Truth experience is curiously more complex than expected, perhaps because virtual reality continues to fascinate with its unique immersive power and question the boundaries it generates. In its direction, direction and general rhythm, the production of London Studio justify a large part of its claims. If we can perceive it from the outside as an improved rail shooter that we would have grafted around a good little story.

Dauntless, The Monster Hunter clone that doesn’t make lace

It was delicate to shine against the monumental Monster Hunter World and, not surprisingly, Dauntless did not succeed. Nevertheless, there is still a game of hunting that holds up, but that would have won to face its competitor in a less frontal way. No need to lie to each other, no doubt we would have been more severe if the thrill-seeker dared to show himself at sixty euros on the stalls. But even he would not have the makings of a must-see, between its accessibility.

Layers of Fear 2, nightmares by the sea

Successful embarkation for Bloober’s worrisome liner, which takes up the LoF codes by plunging them into a richer, more ambitious, graphically better-equipped space frame to disarm reason. Watching the horrific adventure game that throws itself on the retina and modes our imagination, Layers of Fear 2 is never as intense as when it allows our senses to wander near the models, or to listen to the young illegals giving substance to the story. If its ambitions are… Read the test

Total War Three Kingdoms: the tribulations of a Chinese man in China

As loyal fans of the Total War franchise from the beginning, we haven’t had that much fun on a full campaign in a long time. While it did not revolutionize the concept of the Creative Assembly, Three Kingdoms renewed most of its components. From espionage to the management of progress, through the court and important figures or strategic issues, the kingdom aspect finally encourages the player to think the least of his actions.

The science fiction thriller Observation puts the core to work

After a first transformed essay on the nebulous Stories Untold, studio No Code still excels in the art of storytelling. Observation has never lied about his ambitions: he intends to make us live an SF thriller through the circuits of artificial intelligence and does it very, very well. The change of perspective allows a mad inventiveness in the presentation of mini-puzzles, thought as love letters to Old user interfaces and Zachtronics games.

Druidstone The Secret of The Stone Forest: it eats the pin here?

With limited playability, Druidstone is not going to change your playing life. His style is largely borrowed from tactics like XCOM or, even more, Into the Breach, and his role-playing side is limited to managing the evolution of characters. However, the mechanics are mastered and the complementarity of the characters feeds a nice reflection among the fans of tactics, and the missions are relatively numerous and rather varied, both in… Read the test

Alt-Frequencies: after a Normal Lost Phone, The Accidental Queens return the antenna

Far from the emotional charge of the previous titles of Accidental Queens, or the brilliance with which they were able to combine form and depth, Alt-Frequencies is a game that comes out perplexed and that never really leads to anything. By taking its history to the next level, the studio seems to have lost something very important on the way: its ability to touch. Admittedly, the message is still there, but it is more diffuse, less well-brought, hampered by a format that is poorly mastered. The idea of gameplay that supports… Read the test

Team Sonic Racing skates elegantly but doesn’t get out of hand

By abandoning neighboring licenses and exotic vehicles, Sumo Digital makes this Sonic Racing Team a kart game that competes with Nintendo in a much more frontal way. This rapprochement affects, above all, of highlighting the gap that still exists between the two licenses. For all that, this new part of the adventures of the Hedgehog azur does not have to be ashamed of its ideas and would deserve just a little blow on its technical imperfections. Smart, capable of pretty lightning… Read the test

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